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airdroid software

Full Overview

So guys first of all I am going to tell you what is Airdroid app. guys AirDroid app is an software with the help of which users can operate their smart phones from a PC with a WiFi connection. It is the newest and best way to access your Android device from your desktop or laptop. With the help of this software you can share files between two devices. Guys just like Samsung Sidesync and Google Android screencast the working of this application is very easy you just need to plug in your device into your PC via USB cable or you can also use your WiFi connection after connecting your device to your PC you just need to install Airdroid app in your Android phone and airdroid software in your PC then wait until your Android connect with your PC via these applications after establishing a successful connection you can transfer anything and also you will be able to share your Android screen to your PC for a better view. Guys this application is generally famous for its screencasting feature. This application is full of nifty features that can be useful to transfer files between the devices. you can download this software from the given link

for pc –

for android –

this software is free of cost. so guys if you like a article about Airdroid software. Give a thumbs up to us in comment box..

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